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Viola pedatifida - Prairie Violet

Viola pedatifida - Prairie Violet

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Prairie Violet is a charming and non-aggressive perennial that graces your garden in early spring, blooming throughout the summer, and potentially reblooming in the fall. It serves as a larval host plant for several butterflies. It’s very unique when it goes to seed. Seeds emerge in a distinctive firm capsule, transitioning from green to tan and pointing upward when the seeds are ready. It is known for hybridizing with common violets, so beware. Also, ensure well-drained soil to prevent root rot in wet conditions.

*Each seed packet includes approximately 200 seeds!
*Each cell in the 50 cell tray option is 5” deep x 2.25” wide.

STRATIFICATION DETAILS: 60 Day Cold Moist Stratification

Growing Details
FUN FACTS: Pollinator Favorite
SUN: Full to Part Shade
SOIL: Medium to Medium Dry
COLOR: Purple
SPACING: 6"-8"
LIFE CYCLE: Perennial
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